Marigold Meadow

Hello, my name is Ruby Velasquez. I am going into 8th grade at Bryant Middle School. I consider myself a Foodie, and love sour foods, with ice-cream being my favorite thing to eat. I enjoy drawing and do that every day. I also like to watch Funimation and Netflix. I live with my mom, two cats, my Ball Python named Ramen, and my Tarantula named Canela. I like to be creative and love to listen to good music. I’ve been wrapping rocks for a few years and have also been making fused glass creations I can make into jewelry. I use the tools and kiln at my mom’s work which is Bad Dog Arts. She lets me do it myself while she works. I like to do it because it’s fun and because I really like to create things with my hands. I hope people will like my creations and realize I put a lot of work into each one.

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My Age: 12 years old